Part of our team including owner, Lance Calvert, operations manager, Kelsi Biondo, assistant manager, Luke Bell and sales associate, Emily Breuer.

About us

The Branded Approach - Our Vintage Clothing Operations

At Branded, we've established a distinctive business model that sets us apart. As a pioneering self-supplied vintage clothing store, our inventory is sourced directly from our own textile recycling facility situated just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our Process - How We Operate

Our dedicated team of six warehouse professionals meticulously handles and processes an impressive 60-100,000 pounds of clothing every month. Vintage items undergo a meticulous journey, from being carefully pulled and sorted to undergoing laundering, before being showcased on The final step involves these unique pieces finding their way to one of our two storefronts.

Even non-vintage clothing doesn't go to waste. In November 2023, we proudly launched our very own thrift store, offering in-demand name brand items at remarkably discounted rates, with savings exceeding 70% off their original prices. Businesswear is generously donated to nonprofits that specialize in providing affordable interview and office attire to local community members. Winter jackets find their way to Bundle Up Butler, contributing to the provision of warm outerwear for the less fortunate. While the remaining clothing is exported overseas, becoming part of the thriving secondary clothing market in East Africa.

Our Purpose - Why We Exist

At the core of our mission is the commitment to "Turning clothing waste into sustainable fashion." Each year, more than 11.3 million tons of clothing waste end up in American landfills (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2020, p. 4). Branded is making a significant impact, diverting over 1 million pounds of textiles from landfills in 2023 alone. We remain dedicated to increasing our annual contribution in the years ahead, striving to create a more sustainable and responsible approach to fashion.

Branded, a boutique vintage enterprise, proudly operates in two locations: Butler, Pennsylvania, and Kent, Ohio. Our niche lies in curating a distinctive collection of 80s/90s vintage clothing and exclusive sneaker releases, merging our passion for fashion with a commitment to sustainability. Our diverse inventory ranges from the latest Jordan 1's to authentic 90's Nirvana tees, with new hand-selected items added weekly. We offer a diverse selection of men's and women's clothing, spanning various styles and sizes to cater to every individual's fashion preferences.

Specializing vintage tees, crewnecks, hats, jerseys, jewelry, jackets, and bottoms, we also feature contemporary sneakers and a range of sneaker cleaning and protecting products. Our focus extends to a broad spectrum, including band merchandise, Harley Davidson gear, Pittsburgh sports (Pirates, Steelers, Penguins), comic (DC, Marvel) tees, movie promo tees, Disney clothing, name brand attire (Nike, Adidas, Champion, Tommy Hilfiger),and Nascar apparel. With sizes spanning from youth to 4XL, our store caters to diverse styles and body types. Every item in our collection is meticulously chosen, photographed, and added to our online store weekly, ensuring a global reach through worldwide shipping. Not only can you assemble an entire outfit from our selection (just bring your own socks), but we also delight in styling our customers. Sourcing the majority of our vintage pieces from our personally managed rag house, we maintain an environmentally conscious approach.

In addition to our retail offerings, we foster a dynamic relationship with our customers through buying, selling, and trading. Our store frequently hosts enticing promotions, including $5 tees, $10 crewnecks, 3 for $35 vintage items, $5 fill a bag sales, and more rotating monthly events. At Branded, we embrace the fusion of style, sustainability, and customer engagement, creating a distinctive and vibrant shopping experience.


Our owners, Lance and Dorothy Calvert, and Steve and Meredith Reed.

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